Send text messages to international numbers

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

When texting to an international number, use the following number format, based on which type of phone you're using:

  • Sprint: Enter 011, the country code, the Mobile Designator Digit, if required, and then the wireless number.
  • Nextel: Enter the plus (+) sign, the country code, the Mobile Designator Digit, if required, and then the wireless number.

NOTE: International text messaging is charged at $0.20/message. However, text messages sent to or received from a Canadian number are charged at the same rate as domestic messages, according to your rate plan or messaging add-on.

NOTE: A few countries have started adding a digit to the phone number, which Sprint Nextel refers to as a Mobile Designator Digit. The digit is used by the international carrier to identify the phone number as a mobile number. This digit should be entered preceding the phone number. Currently, Mexico, Honduras, and Thailand require the Mobile Designation Digit.

NOTE: When sending a text that is domestic; do not include the (+) plus sign in front of the 10-digit dialed number. The message may be rated incorrectly because it is interpreted as a message sent to an international destination.

As an example, to address a text message to France using a Sprint phone, enter the following:

01133<wireless number>

To address a text message to Mexico using a Nextel phone, enter the following:

+521<wireless number>

International text messages can only be sent to or received by wireless subscribers of certain international carriers.

NOTE: Check to learn about texting capabilities while traveling in international destinations.

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