Set up your Sprint Phone Connect

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2016

How do I install the battery into Sprint Phone Connect?

  • Press the release tab at the top of the battery compartment cover and lift off the cover.
  • Insert the battery with the label facing up and the connector wires to the left.
  • Plug the battery power cable into the power connector inside the battery compartment.
  • Replace the battery compartment cover.

Do I need rechargeable batteries?

  • No. Sprint Phone Connect includes its own unique backup battery that continually charges.

How do I attach the antenna?

  • Screw the antenna into the antenna connector at the rear left of the device.
  • Flip the antenna into an upright position.

How do I connect my phone to the device?

  • Simply connect one or two landline phones directly to the device’s phone jacks.
  • Note: Do not connect Sprint Phone Connect device to your telephone wall outlet. This configuration is not supported unless you have taken steps to disconnect existing landline wiring coming into your home or office.

How do I power on Sprint Phone Connect?

  • Make sure the switch on the back of the device is in the “Off” position.
  • Plug the power adapter into a wall outlet.
  • Plug the power adapter cable into the power connector on the back of the device.
  • Slide the power switch to the “On” Position.
  • Once the device is setup, how long does it take to provision the Sprint Phone Connect device?
  • Once the device is setup, plugged in and the power is turned on, let the device sit without making a phone call for approximately 5 minutes while the device connects to the Sprint network and receives the provisioning for the device.  Then turn off the device and back on.  Provisioning is now complete.

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