Sprint Prepaid phone unlocking policy and FAQs

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2014

Sprint Prepaid devices are not currently subject to an unlocking policy. However, in accordance with the CTIA’s “Mobile Wireless Device Unlocking Voluntary Commitment” (“Unlocking Commitment”), Sprint is creating new policies and procedures in order to provide the device software locking code to customers after certain eligibility requirements are met. Consistent with its Unlocking Commitment, Sprint will implement these new policies and procedures no later than the 1st Quarter of 2015. For more information on the Unlocking Commitment, click here.

What does it mean for my device to be “locked”?
The term “locked” means that either Sprint Prepaid software or the manufacturers’ device designs restrict the device to use with a carrier operating on Sprint’s network, such as Sprint Prepaid.

Why does Sprint lock its devices?
Most Sprint Prepaid devices are sold at a discounted price.  Locking software protects Sprint by ensuring that those discounted devices remain on our network for a reasonable period of time or amount of usage or revenue.

I am a prepaid customer.  Am I eligible to have my device unlocked?
Neither Sprint nor its prepaid affiliates (Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Assurance Wireless) currently unlock devices for prepaid customers.  However, in accordance with the Unlocking Commitment, Sprint and its prepaid affiliates are working to create new policies and procedures in order to unlock prepaid devices, or to provide the information necessary to unlock the devices, after certain eligibility requirements to be established are met.  Consistent with the Unlocking Commitment, Sprint and its prepaid affiliates will implement these new policies and procedures no later than February 11, 2015.

If my device is unlocked, does that mean I will be able to use it with a different carrier?
Even if unlocked, Sprint Prepaid devices will not necessarily work on another carrier’s network. Whether an unlocked Sprint Prepaid device can be used on another carrier’s network is subject to that carrier’s policies and network compatibilities. Even if a different carrier will activate a Sprint Prepaid device on its network, Sprint does not make any guarantees as to a Sprint Prepaid device’s performance on another carrier’s network or that any or all device features or functionalities will be fully or partially operational.  Although a phone manufacturer may manufacture the same device model and name for different wireless carriers offering wireless service in the United States, Sprint Prepaid devices are specifically designed to function on Sprint’s network and Sprint’s frequencies and technologies.

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