Transfer media from a MicroSD card to your computer

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013

You can transfer media files (pictures, videos, MP3s, etc.) from your phone's MicroSD card to your computer using either a MicroSD card adapter or Bluetooth.

Note: The following are general instructions for transferring media from a phone's MicroSD card to a computer. For specifics on how to access your phone's MicroSD card or use its Bluetooth functionality, please refer to the specific user guide for your phone. To find your user guide online, just click here and select your device.

Transfer media from MicroSD card using MicroSD card adapter

  1. Remove the MicroSD card from your phone and insert it into a MicroSD a card adapter
  2. Place the MicroSD adapter into a computer that has a MicroSD adapter slot
  3. Open the MicroSD card files; select and copy the media to be moved
  4. Open the folder on your computer where you want the files to go and paste the images into that folder
  5. Remove the MicroSD adapter from the computer
  6. Remove the MicroSD card from adapter place the card back into your phone

Transfer media from MicroSD card using Bluetooth

  1. Make sure your computer is Bluetooth-enabled
  2. On your phone, go to your Bluetooth Connections settings. Note: This step will vary by phone; please see your user guide.
  3. With your phone next to the Bluetooth-enabled computer, select Add New Device on your phone then choose Search; your phone and computer should recognize each other
  4. Follow the instructions on your computer and phone to complete pairing
  5. Once they are paired, access the media on your phone and open the file you want to transfer. Note: This step will vary by phone; please see your user guide.
  6. Select the Send or Share option, depending on your phone
  7. Choose Bluetooth, then choose the paired computer as the device to send the media file to
  8. Follow the prompts on your computer and phone to complete the transfer
  9. Your media files will probably transfer to My Documents > Bluetooth Folder on your computer, but this may vary from computer to computer

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