Troubleshoot common Sprint Family Locator issues

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

Note: For additional information about Sprint Family Locator and to further troubleshoot any problems, go to or view the Quick Start Guide.


During Sprint Family Locator enrollment or registration, if you have problems receiving the enrollment text message, temporary password or temporary password instructions, there might be a delay in receipt. If more than 8 hours have passed, contact us or try going to and registering again. Note: A new temporary password will be sent to your mobile phone that needs to be entered into the Sprint Family Locator phone application to complete the registration.

Before using Sprint Family Locator, keep in mind:

  • All consent steps need to be completed before child phones can be added.
  • The parent phone needs to be turned on to receive Sprint Family Locator SMS text messages and alerts. You also need to make sure the email address is set up.
  • The child phone needs to be turned on and in Sprint network coverage. It is also beneficial if the phone's GPS/location setting is turned on.

If you are unable to locate the child phone, make sure:

  • The child phone is turned on.
  • The child phone shows up on the consent page.
  • The child phone is not a corporate liable phone.

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