Troubleshoot common issues on your AIRAVE Access Point

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013

Performing the following steps can help you resolve some of the more common device issues that you may experience with your AIRAVE® Access Point.

  • Make sure your AIRAVE is in an approved service area by visiting and verify that you have an active broadband Internet connection.
  • Make sure your AIRAVE is activated on your account.
  • Verify that your AIRAVE  has been set-up correctly by following the setup instructions in the Getting Started Guide or User Guide.
  • The first time your AIRAVE is installed, be sure to allow up to 2 hours for device provisioning and software updates.
  • Make sure the GPS LED light is solid green. If it has been flashing green for more than 30 minutes, install the external GPS antenna. Installation instructions can be found in the User Guide.
  • Make sure your AIRAVE is connected directly to your cable or DSL modem. Any additional equipment, such as a computer or router, should be plugged into one of the AIRAVE’s available LAN ports.
  • If your AIRAVE has been working and has stopped:
    • Make sure your AIRAVE is still active on your account
    • Power cycle the AIRAVE, modem and router (if you use an additional personal/home router) by unplugging all power cables and plugging them back in one at a time, starting with the modem, then the AIRAVE and then the router, with approximately 1-2 minutes between each device.
  • If all LED lights are green, your AIRAVE is properly set up, and is still having voice issues, run an Internet speed test to determine for possible broadband service provider issues. We recommend a minimum of 300 kbps (both upstream and downstream) for voice services and 3 Mbps downstream and 1.8 Mbps upstream for data services.

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