Troubleshoot common issues on your Palm Pixi

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2013

Performing the following steps can help you resolve some of the more common device issues that you may experience on your Palm® Pixi™.


  • Check and update device software
  • Update the device data profile
  • Perform a soft reset

Find and update your device software

Just like a computer, the software on your phone needs to be updated periodically to make sure you have all the latest fixes and enhancements to keep it running at optimal performance. Check your current version and perform any needed software updates.

Update the device data profile

If you are experiencing any data issues, we recommend performing a data profile update. This will refresh your data service parameters such as username and password and help clear out any memory issues that might be affecting your phone.

To update your profile:

  1. From the Dialer App (Dial Pad), select Sprint in the menu located in the upper left-hand corner
  2. Select Preferences > Network Settings > Update Network Settings
  3. While the update is taking place, you will see a circle animation icon in motion which will disappear once the update is complete

Perform a soft reset

By performing a soft reset, you will be able to re-register your phone with the network, which may correct slow down issues, data connection issues, etc. A soft reset is just like taking your battery out and putting it back in.

To perform a soft reset on your Pixi, press the OPT + SYM + R keys at the same time.

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