Troubleshoot common issues on your Sprint Phone Connect

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2016

Performing the following steps can help you resolve some of the more common device issues that you may experience with your Sprint Phone Connect.

Phone will not make or receive calls

  • Make sure that you install the Sprint Phone Connect in an approved service area by visiting Coverage must be good in the area of the home that the Sprint Phone Connect is setup. (The office in the basement may not have the best coverage in the home.)
  • Make sure your Sprint Phone Connect is activated on your account.
  • Verify that your Sprint Phone Connect has been set-up correctly by following the setup instructions in the Getting Started Guide or User Guide.
  • Make sure the signal LED light is solid green.
  • Make sure the Sprint Phone Connect is connected directly to your analog phone.  It is not recommended that you plug the Sprint Phone Connect device into the RJ11 wall phone jack. 
  • If the device is active but you are unable to make a call, revisit the provisioning process.
  • Turn the power switch off and let the device sit for 10 seconds before turning back on.  Once the device is powered on, let the device sit without using it for 5 full minutes.  During this time the device will connect to the network and provision.  After 5 minutes, turn the device off and after 10 seconds turn it back on and begin making calls.

If your Sprint Phone Connect has been working and has stopped:

    • Make sure your Sprint Phone Connect is still active on your account
    • Pick up your phone and dial **34000000# to reset your phone.  Let the device sit without using it for 5 full minutes.  Then turn the device off and after 10 seconds turn it back on and begin making calls.

Signal light is red

  • Relocate the Sprint Phone Connect to a location in the home or office where coverage is good. 
  • If you are connecting a cordless phone system to the Sprint Phone Connect, ensure that the Sprint Phone Connect and cordless phone base station are setup in an area with good coverage.  The additional cordless extension handsets can be located elsewhere throughout the home or office according to the cordless phone system’s specifications.

My answering machine is not working properly with the Sprint Phone Connect

  • The Sprint Phone Connect device is designed to operate with Sprint’s Voicemail service.  If a user plugs the device into an answering machine messages may not be captured as customer desires.  Disconnect the answering machine from the Sprint Phone Connect to receive messages via Sprint Voicemail.

My fax machine, digital cable, security alarm system are not working via the Sprint Phone Connect

  • Sprint Phone Connect operates on Sprint’s wireless network and not via a traditional landline service.  Therefore, many services may not be compatible with the Sprint Phone Connect wireless solution. 
  • Fax transactions cannot process via Sprint Phone Connect
  • Check with your digital cable and security alarm system providers to determine if their services can operate via a wireless connection through the Sprint Phone Connect.

My call will not completely dial when I attempt to dial from my saved phone number listing

  • If a voicemail message is waiting, the phone will first deliver a message indicator audio tone (6 beeps) and then a dial tone.  If a user accesses the phone’s address book to search a number and then presses the Dial button, the phone will attempt to dial at the same time the message indicator tones are occurring. 
  • The user should hang up the call, turn the phone on and wait through the voicemail indicator tones for the dial tone and then begin dialing.

Important Information on Home Wiring
Sprint does not recommend customers plug their Sprint Phone Connect device into the home wiring that currently exists for traditional phone service.  There are several important factors to consider.

  • Telephone lines carry electric voltage. There is always risk of causing a fire or doing damage to your telephone wiring and equipment when you work with any lines that carry voltage.
  • Sprint Phone Connect will not work properly with the existing in-home wiring.  Disconnecting this wiring may be hazardous and may damage your existing wiring.
  • Disconnecting in-home wiring may violate the terms of your lease if you live in a rental residence.
  • Disconnecting in-home wiring may void in warranty or repair service you may have through your local carrier.
  • DSL phone service cannot be disconnected from the wiring in your home without also losing Internet service. Contact your DSL provider for assistance.
  • Sprint does not offer any phone support for home wiring.

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