Troubleshoot common issues with your Sprint 4G Desktop Modem

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2013

If you are experiencing any issues with your Sprint 4G Desktop Modem:

  • Review inventory checklist for power cord, supply, RJ45 networking cable and documentation
    • The AC power adapter and cord connects the Desktop Modem to an AC electrical outlet
    • The Ethernet cable connects the Internet port on your Desktop Modem to your computer or laptop
  • Physically inspect your Desktop Modem
    • Verify that the bottom casing is intact and that there has been no attempt to open it
    • Look for cracks or breaks on the outer casing which can happen if it was dropped; gently shake the Desktop Modem to see if there are any loose parts inside
  • Check that the ventilation panels on the Desktop Modem are clear of obstructions
  • Make sure we have activated your Desktop Modem on your Sprint account with a proper 4G service plan

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