Troubleshoot if call alerts go to the wrong number on your Z400 by Samsung

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2015

A software update corrects the following issue with your Z400 by Samsung®.

There are 2 issues related to call alerts going to the wrong number:

  • When you try to send a Call Alert to a contact that is stored with a regular phone number and a separate Direct Connect number, the Direct Connect number is not automatically selected by the phone and so the Call Alert may be sent to the wrong number. The Call Alert is sent to the number shown below the contact name on the screen.
  • When you try to send a Call Alert to a non-Direct Connect capable number, the Call Alert will fail, the number stored in the device will be flagged as Direct Connect capable even though it is not a Direct Connect number, you will receive a bonk tone over the phone and an error message will be received stating that the Person named is not reachable via Direct Connect or this number is not Direct Connect capable.

To fix this, please update your handset software to version Z400.BI22 or greater.

Note: At any time, you can check that you have the latest software version for your phone. For instructions on how to check your software version and update your phone software, refer to Check for Updates.

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