Troubleshoot if your Novatel Connection Manager becomes unusable with other Novatel connection devices

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2015

There is an incompatibility issue with Sprint SmartView and the Novatel Sprint Connection Manager, which is used with the Merlin™ EX720 by Novatel Wireless. If you have a previous version of the Sprint SmartView and Novatel Sprint Connection Manager loaded on a computer and then install a newer version of Sprint SmartView client, the previous Novatel Connection Manager will become non-functional. Novatel Sprint Connection Manager will appear to be in an idle state.

This will also be seen if Sprint SmartView alone is uninstalled and both Connection Managers are present on a computer. Once in this state, if you attempt to uninstall the Novatel Connection Manager and Sprint SmartView is still present, this may impact the Sprint SmartView client functionality.

If you run into this problem you should uninstall all current Connection Manager versions and reboot. Once this has completed you can plug in the Compass 597 and proceed with the TRU-Install of Sprint SmartView.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, then please contact us for assistance.

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