Troubleshoot issues related to a blinking/solid red broadband LED

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2014

This article helps troubleshoot a blinking/solid red broadband LED on your AIRAVE 2.5.

A red broadband LED is most often caused by:

  • No Internet access
  • Cables not fully plugged in
  • Cables plugged into wrong ports

These steps help identify and resolve the underlying cause. After completing each step, test to see if the issue is fixed. If you have uncovered an issue that you can't fix, contact Sprint AIRAVE Support at (866) 556- 7310.

  1. Broadband LED and all other LEDs are solid red.

    If the Broadband and all other LEDs are solid red, plug the AIRAVE 2.5 into a different power outlet.

    If you've received a replacement AIRAVE 2.5, ensure all new accessories (power adapter, etc) are used.

    If the Broadband LED and all other LEDs are still solid red, contact Sprint AIRAVE Support at (866) 556- 7310.

  2. Wait 3-5 minutes.

    Your AIRAVE 2.5 may still be attempting to make its initial connection.

  3. Ensure that the broadband modem or router cables are properly connected.

  4. Confirm that the Ethernet cord from the WAN port on your AIRAVE 2.5 is plugged into the LAN or Ethernet port on your router.

    Note: You should hear a click when the cable is fully inserted.

  5. Power cycle all network equipment (Your router, modem, and your AIRAVE 2.5).

    Note: There is no power switch on your AIRAVE 2.5. To power cycle the device, unplug it from the power source.

    Make sure all lights on your modem go off. If not, remove the battery back-up to fully power cycle the device or look for a  power switch. If you are unable to locate the battery or there is a warning label stating not to remove the battery, consult your Internet service provider for the appropriate power cycle process.

  6. Factory reset the AIRAVE 2.5.

  7. If the problem persists, try reversing the setup order and power cycle all network equipment.

    1. Connect your modem to your router.
    2. Connect your router to your AIRAVE 2.5.

If you're still having issues, contact Sprint AIRAVE Support at (866) 556- 7310.

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