Troubleshoot when you are able to connect with the Merlin C777 by Novatel Wireless but not able to browse any web pages

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2015

  • The Internet browser is incorrectly configured
  • Check the Connection Settings of your browser to ensure that no conflicting settings exist.
    • For Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options and select the Connections tab. Ensure that either Never dial a connection is selected, or that the Sprint Network connection is set as the default. Also ensure that no proxy information is specified by clicking on the Settings button and ensuring that the Use a proxy server for this connection checkbox is not selected.
    • For Mozilla Firefox, click Tools > Options and select the General tab. Click the Connection Settings button and ensure that Direct connection to the Internet is selected.
    • For other browsers, consult the manufacturer for assistance.
  • The firewall or Internet security application is interfering with the browsing

Try to disable any applications that may be restricting your access to the Internet, such as Windows Firewall, Anti-Virus software, etc. If the problem is resolved by this action, contact the software manufacturer for assistance configuring the software to allow for the desired connection.

  • Disconnect all other Internet connections

While using the Sprint SmartView software, disconnect all other Internet connections such as Wi-Fi or local LAN connections before you access the 3G network.

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