Troubleshoot when you are not able to connect while roaming using the Merlin C777 by Novatel Wireless

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2015

From the Sprint Mobile Broadband option in the Settings window, ensure Roam Mode is set to Automatic. If Roam Mode is set to Sprint, you will be able to connect only when you are not roaming.

When you are roaming (connected to a network other than Sprint), the fee for service may be higher; Sprint Location Services may not be available.

To enable roaming, from the Sprint SmartView software, click on the Settings window set Roam Mode to Automatic. To disable roaming, set Roam Mode to Sprint (you will be able to connect only when you are in the Sprint network coverage area).

Note: Use the Roam Guard menu to specify whether you would like Sprint SmartView to display a warning message when you are about to connect to a roaming network for which there may be additional roaming charges.

  • Always Ask — Sprint SmartView will always display the warning message when connecting to roaming networks.
  • Never Ask — Sprint SmartView will never display the warning message.
  • Default — Sprint SmartView will display the warning message only when connecting to an international roaming network.

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