Troubleshoot when you are unable to connect or receive an error when trying to connect your Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 to the Sprint 3G network

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2015

Several conditions may block connection to the Sprint 3G network and can easily be fixed.

  • Another Network is Active on your computer
    Make sure the LAN connection is not active by disabling or disconnecting the LAN Ethernet cable.
  • Insufficient Signal Strength
    Check the signal strength in the MiFi-2200 User Interface. If the signal is low, move to another location with better coverage. This error sometimes results in error code 668 (no signal) which can be viewed in the WWAN > Diagnostics page of the User Interface. Coverage maps are available at
  • Account not Activated
    • If the User Interface web client ( displays a message that the device is not activated, you can start an activation session through the menu WWAN > Configuration > Activate Device.
    • Once activated, it will connect automatically if 3G-Auto Connect is enabled. (Advanced > Advanced Options > 3G Auto Connect [check]). Otherwise push the connect button on the WWAN > Diagnostics page to connect to the Sprint 3G network.
  • Unable to Connect or have lost connection and Power Indicator is not Green
    • A Blue power LED indicates the unit is Roaming
    • A Red blinking power LED indicates that the power is critically low
      • Use the wall charger to charge the battery
      • The power indicator will be solid Amber while the battery is charging, and you can use the device while it's charging
    • An Amber blinking LED indicates a modem error
      • This error may occur in challenging RF environments due to multiple Wi-Fi services being available or other network error. Follow the steps below to regain service:
      • Power the unit off and on, Green or solid Amber LED (on charger) indicates the unit is normal
      • Power the unit off, remove battery and power back on. Green or solid Amber LED (on charger) indicates the unit is normal
      • If problem persists, move to another location and repeat the previous step
  • Unable to Connect while Roaming
    • Please verify that your Sprint Account is active and working on the Sprint 3G network
    • Sprint roaming information may be found at

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