Troubleshoot when you have other issues while using the Ovation U727 by Novatel Wireless

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2015

  • Software Update expected time
    The typical upgrade time to download the software and upgrade the Firmware and new PRL on the device is on average 20 minutes.
  • Limited user restrictions
    You must have admin privileges in order to be able to update the Software and Firmware on the device.
  • After upgrading to the latest Sprint Mobile Broadband, problem is still seen
    Go to your Add or Remove Programs. Please check if an entry named Mobile Broadband Drivers is there. If so, download latest compatible Sprint Mobile Broadband SW. Proceed to close Sprint Mobile Broadband and remove device from slot. Then proceed to Remove Mobile Broadband Drivers from Add or Remove Programs. Then Remove Sprint Mobile Broadband from Add or Remove Programs. Reboot PC. Then Reinstall the latest Sprint Mobile Broadband SW.

If the steps above do not resolve the issue, please contact us for assistance.

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