Troubleshoot when you receive an Insert SIM error on your i576 by Motorola

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2013

You may experience the following problem with your i576 by Motorola.

If you insert your SIM card and receive the Insert SIM error, do the following::

  1. Ensure the SIM card is inserted correctly as shown on the handset, or refer to your user manual, and it's properly seated in the slot and is not loose.
  2. If the SIM card is placed correctly, insert it into a known good device to verify if the SIM is working properly.

If you still experience problems or determine the card is defective, please visit the nearest Sprint Service & Repair Center for assistance with resolving this issue.

Note: At any time, you can check that you have the latest software version for your phone. For instructions on how to check your software version and update your phone software, refer to Check for Updates.

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