Troubleshoot when you receive an error when trying to connect to the Internet while using the Merlin C777 by Novatel Wireless

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2015

  • There is not sufficient signal strength to connect.
    If low signal strength is displayed in the SmartView window, move to a location with better coverage. For a map of coverage in your area, browse to the Sprint Coverage search tool, enter your zip code and click Go.
  • Sprint SmartView has encountered a problem.
    The Sprint SmartView software and/or the Dial-Up Networking connection associated with it may have been corrupted. The easiest way to rule this out as a potential problem is to uninstall the software using the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature, reboot your computer, install Sprint SmartView software from the CD to reinstall the software and drivers and then reinsert the card.
  • There is a provisioning problem with your Sprint account.
    To troubleshoot provisioning problems, you must contact us for assistance.

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