Use Simul-Task Mode on your Kyocera Echo

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013

Your Kyocera Echo™ offers a special mode of operation called Simul-Task™ Mode that lets you run two different applications at the same time, one in each display screen – for example, read email on one screen and open a text message on the other, check Facebook using the browser on one screen while looking through a photo gallery on the other, etc.

Only these 7 commonly-used applications can be used in this mode:

  • Browser
  • Contacts
  • Email
  • Gallery
  • Messaging
  • Phone
  • VueQue™

Note: Email refers to the Android Email application; Gmail cannot be used in this mode.

When using Simul-Task Mode, you have to select 2 different applications. For instance, you can't select email in both screens or messaging in both screens, but you can use email in one and messaging in the other. However, in the Optimized Mode, you can open two Web browsers, one on each screen.

Note: When using the Phone in this mode, you can still have other applications open and view the content on the screen or read emails already downloaded, but you will not be able to send or receive data while on the call.

To use Simul-Task Mode:

  1. Open one of the Simul-Task applications
  2. Place your two fingers on both screens at the same time
  3. You'll see a menu of application icons; select one app for the top and one for the bottom

To switch applications on the upper and lower screens, touch both screens at the same time and then tap the Swap icon, which is centered between the two screens.

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