Use the Tablet Mode on your Kyocera Echo

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013

By default, applications downloaded from Android Market™ will operate in single-screen mode, even if your Echo is opened to the dual-screen position, but many applications downloaded from Android Market will work in dual-screen mode using the Kyocera Echo™ Tablet Mode Extension utility. The Tablet Mode Extension utility allows these applications to run in dual-screen mode.

To use the Tablet Mode Extension utility:

  1. Tap the Tablet Mode Extension icon on the Home screen
    • Note: If this is the first time using it, the utility will need to download; just follow the on-screen instructions and tap the icon again once download is complete.
  2. To activate or deactivate it, touch the button in the lower right-hand corner to select Start Extension or Stop Extension

Note: In some cases, an application downloaded from Android Market will not display or work correctly in dual-screen mode. In these cases, simply use your Echo in the single-screen mode as you would with any other Android device. Applications that have been customized for use on the Echo should operate in dual-screen mode whether or not the Tablet Mode Extension utility is active.

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