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Last Updated: Apr 27, 2016

The Sprint ecoEnvelope® is an environmentally-friendly way to receive and pay your Sprint bill. This 2-way reusable envelope has easy opening instructions and converts to a return envelope to mail your payment back to Sprint.

Will I still receive a return envelope with my bill?
The return envelope is now the SAME envelope in which you received your Sprint statement. You’ll see on the front we added a note asking customers to "re-use" the envelope and included simple-to-use instructions. Each month you will receive your statement in this new ecoEnvelope.

What kind of paper are these envelopes made out of?
Sprint ecoEnvelopes are manufactured on Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified papers from sustainably managed forests. This means that the wood used to manufacture our envelopes is planted and harvested like a crop and the forest is replenished.

Check out this video to learn more about the ecoEnvelope.

For information about ecoEnvelope’s environmental benefits, please view or download the Sprint ecoEnvelopes Environmental Benefits Reference.

How do I open the envelope?

  • Open the front of the envelope by pulling the tear strip.
  • Pull the security tab off the front and remove your statement.
  • To re-use the envelope, separate the lower portion of the envelope at the perforation, where it is marked, and detach.
  • Next, insert the payment coupon along with a check.
  • Moisten the flap at the bottom and fold from the back to the front to seal.
  • Remember to add your postage to the front of the envelope before mailing it.

I cannot use my envelope. How do I pay my bill?


  • Online: Visit to make a one-time payment or to sign up for AutoPay.
  • By phone: Press *3 on your Sprint phone and follow the prompts. (Posting time: within 15 minutes.)
  • Via mobile web: Make a payment or manage your Sprint account from your smartphone at
  • By mail: Place your check and the enclosed payment coupon in your own envelope and mail to: Sprint, P.O. Box 4191, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4191.
  • Bill pay through your bank: Use the following address: Sprint, PO Box 4191, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4191

Does the edge of the envelope have to be straight? Mine is torn.
Any time you mail an envelope, it should be properly sealed. Make sure you re-seal the envelope so that it can go through postal processing. If your envelope is damaged, please use another payment method (see above).

Why is Sprint using these envelopes?
Sprint is adopting 2-way reusable envelopes as one of our sustainability initiatives. Using ecoEnvelopes, Sprint will help conserve 11,565 trees each year and about 9.9 million gallons of water. Socially and environmentally responsible, using ecoEnvelopes will reduce waste, pollution, and carbon emissions and conserve valuable natural resources. This is also part of helping Sprint achieve our goal to reduce paper use 40% by 2017.

What is the double arrow symbol underneath where I put my stamp?
This is a new symbol used to identify 2-way, reusable mail. It is an easy-to-identify icon that signifies a reusable envelope for postal processing.

Can I recycle the envelope?
Yes, both the envelope material and the window film are recyclable.

Want to do more? Go paperless! Sign up for eBill at and stop receiving paper bills entirely. Instead, you will receive an email with amount due and due date when your bill is ready.

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