Use voicemail commands

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

  • Note: To listen to your voicemail messages, press and hold the Envelope key.
  • From voicemail, select from the following options:


Press 2 to reply to another Sprint subscriber.
Press 3 to advance the message.
Press 4 to replay the message.
Press 5 to rewind the message.
Press 6 to forward the message to another Sprint subscriber.
Press 7 to erase the message.
Press 8 to call back or place a call.
Press 9 to save the message.
Press 0 for more options.
Press the Star(*) key to end the call.

Press 1 to rewind 10 seconds.
Press 2 to pause the message.
Press 3 to fast forward the message 10 seconds.
Press 4 to play the message slower.
Press 6 to play the message faster.
Press 8 to reset the volume
Press 9 to play louder.
Press the Star(*) key to end the message review and return to the Main Menu.

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