Use your HTC Hero with Google Latitude

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

Google Latitude™ user location service lets you and your friends share locations and status messages with each other. It also lets you send instant messages and emails, make phone calls and get directions to where your friends are.

Your location is not shared automatically. You must join Latitude, and then invite your friends to view your location or accept their invitations.

You can use your HTC Hero to join Latitude in Google Maps. Press Menu > Join Latitude.

Share your location

To share your location with friends and request to see their locations:

1. In Latitude, press Menu and then tap Add friends

2. Choose how to add friends:

  • Select from Contacts: Select any number of friends from People. Friends who already use Latitude have an icon next to their names.
  • Add via email address: Enter an email address.

3. Tap Add friends > OK

If your friends already use Latitude, they receive an email request and a notification on Latitude. If they have not yet joined Latitude, they receive an email request that tells them to sign in to Latitude with their Google account.

Showing your friends

You can show your friends using the map view or the list view.

When you open Google Maps™, it shows the locations of your friends. Each friend is represented by a photo icon with an arrow pointing at his or her approximate location. If a friend has opted to enable city-level sharing, his or her icon will not have an arrow and it appears in the middle of the city.

To see your friend's profile and connect with him or her, tap the photo. This will display your friend's name, and then tap the balloon right above his or her icon. To see other friends, tap either one of the arrow buttons next to the balloon.

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