View two websites at one time on your Kyocera Echo

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013

If you want to view two websites at one time, you can choose to view the display in Tablet Mode (full-screen) or in Optimized Mode (dual-screen) with both screens open.

Optimized Mode is when both displays support a single, optimized application with complementary functions and enhanced usability – for example, writing an email on one screen with the touchscreen keyboard on the other, watching a YouTube™ video on one display while browsing and queuing additional YouTube videos on the other (with the pre-loaded Kyocera app called VueQue™), or viewing gallery images on one display while browsing image thumbnails on the other.

In Tablet Mode, one application is spread across both displays for a full 4.7-inch viewing area. Tablet Mode is ideal for viewing maps, Web sites, detailed documents and long lists.

To switch between screen modes, while viewing a Web page, just flick the screen and then tap the left-to-right double arrow icon to view in Tablet mode, or tap the right-to-left double arrow icon to view in Optimized mode.

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