Get your data usage details


Original Post Date: Nov 20, 2013

Use the following instructions to request a report of your data usage.

Note: These instructions can only be used for Sprint feature phones. You cannot use these instructions for smartphones, data cards, hotspots or tablets. Click here to determine if your phone is a smartphone.

Data usage details are limited to billed on-network data for the previous 90 days (excludes international data and data when roaming). The report will show the following: date, time, and URL.

A notarized consent form is required to process your request.

This process is only available for:

  • Non-smartphone devices
  • Customers that do not have a data plan
  • Customers with 25 lines or less

Required Action:

  1. To determine if this process is available for your Sprint device, please chat with a Sprint representative at
  2. Download and print the consent form.
  3. Complete the consent form.
  4. Sign the consent form and have it notarized before sending it to Sprint.
  5. You can fax, email or mail your completed form to the attention of Sprint Data Request Management at:

Once the completed and notarized form has been received and verified, Sprint will contact the account holder or the business’ authorized contact by phone and provide billed data usage detail.

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