Activate your device - Samsung Galaxy S® 4

Last updated: Feb 13, 2014

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CECYC27,   Thanks for your post. For the Galaxy S2 to be activated on the Sprint network, it has to be a Sprint-co
Author: SprintIronman Date: 2012-12-17
The Galaxy Tab doesn't work quite like your broadband card.  You can set up a plan addition to activate the WIFi Ho
Author: wingland Date: 2011-03-22
The Galaxy Prevail is an android Boost phone - the serial number will most likely not activate in the Sprint billing sys
Author: OKIESTRO Date: 2011-07-09
                  thetaro, I definitely understand t
Author: SprintCare Date: 2013-12-23
People that purchased the Galaxy Nexus were to receive a $50 Google Wallet credit. Special offer: Purchase and activate
Author: Levi4u Date: 2012-05-10