Add a Twitter account - BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 smartphone

Last updated: Jul 16, 2014

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Somedays, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the information from your social accounts. There are many apps for
Author: MAHatSprint Date: 2012-07-27
  Open Friend Stream and go into the settings, uncheck the sync live feed for the accounts (facebook, twitter, ect
Author: LJHarley Date: 2011-02-04
i have been back and fourth with everyone from 611, twitter, all the way up to email and phone calls with dan@sprint yet
Author: nyphonejacks.com Date: 2014-04-21
Bite the bullet and do the factory reset.  Include just minimal apps for the first 3 days (no facebook, twitter, et
Author: YupYupMan Date: 2012-08-03
paul947 wrote:   I have a copy of the old T&C at my office.  I may be able to scan it in tomorrow and pos
Author: scf48 Date: 2011-09-20