Add or remove a contact - HTC EVO™ 3D

Last updated: Jul 16, 2014

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Please help - my EVO suddenly stopped saving contacts. I have 350+ contacts and add to them all the time. reecently I ha
Author: PONGO9641 Date: 2011-02-16
Excellent indeed robotaholic!   Here are some more steps that you could try - How to get contacts from a Palm Pro
Author: BeaArthur Date: 2011-11-12
I am sorry that your EVO keeps rebooting. There could be many reasons on rebooting. One can be a software corruption or
Author: raylitherland67 Date: 2011-07-22
Purchased the EVO yesterday and am loving it. My old phone was an LG Rumor so its quite the upgrade. My problem is that
Author: tt555786 Date: 2010-06-05
Sprint has had a class action lawsuit before and I think that after their recent decision to drop discounts, will again
Author: PAULA3b Date: 2010-09-14