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Last updated: Oct 12, 2013

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Does it cost to have a number blocked? and if you change your mind is it easy to unblock the number
Author: SNoble1990 Date: 2012-07-21
How do I unblock a phone number that I accidentally blocked? That's all I wanna do
Author: BECKYWYD Date: 2010-10-01
OMG how do you unblock a number from sending you a text?  It was so simple to block the number but now I want to kn
Author: MCKENZIE6208 Date: 2011-02-10
If you don’t have access to a computer, dial *2 to reach Customer Care and request to block or unblock a specific
Author: wingland Date: 2010-08-23
The "Block or unblock a phone number or email address from sending you text messages by contacting Customer Care" page c
Author: christopher.d.stover Date: 2011-09-11