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Last updated: Oct 12, 2013

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Is there a way to change the color of the text messaging background?   If so how do you do it?   Thank yo
Author: punkinpieash1 Date: 2010-01-26
A recent software update on my phone changed the background color on my touch keypad from a light color (can't remember
Author: NIELSONFAM Date: 2011-10-06
so youre trying to change the clock/weather background color? or am i missing something
Author: fireguy_6364 Date: 2013-03-05
I never realized this was a problem.  But I can see how to some it can be.  Have you tried changing the colors
Author: Venom01x Date: 2012-09-14
Think I got it....the Notifications volume needs to be at maximum.   Thanks for the feedback.  On another
Author: MissGirlie Date: 2014-04-13