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Last updated: Oct 12, 2013

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KellzIA Good morning. Thanks for the post. You can change your Gmail specific ringtone by going into Gmail, press men
Author: Chris_ra Date: 2013-04-15
Do you know how to change your contacts to certain ringtones? I get my ringtones through mxer and now I can't remember h
Author: lighteye Date: 2011-11-21
There is no settings on the bb8330 to change to have it ring 4 times before rolling to vm. It usually takes 23 seconds o
Author: raylitherland67 Date: 2011-01-03
As 14Knight said, you do that to set it as your default ringtone.   If you want to assign a ringtone for a specifi
Author: wlomano Date: 2011-06-02
Actually, this is one of the only Sprint phones that lets you assign ringtones off the card. Pick a song you like and cr
Author: viperboy Date: 2008-03-13