Change wallpaper - Samsung Galaxy S® III 16GB (non-Sprint Spark™)

Last updated: May 10, 2014

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I just upgraded my phone to the galaxy s2 and noticed that the wallpaper is fuzzy and not clear. when I changed it to a
Author: FAT85CRXZC Date: 2012-03-14
Just this week I have started having an issue with my MMS messages. All of a sudden I am not receiving ANY of them. This
Author: Iolair Date: 2011-10-14
I loved my EVO when I upgraded to the 4g LTE version, but since Jellybean rolled out, my phone is about as useful as a s
Author: grifter723 Date: 2013-01-23
It says "This wallpaper reflects the current weather via an..." but for me it only shows night and day.  Weather ne
Author: JTMax Date: 2011-10-19
I just bought this phone as an upgrade for my wife and me and quickly upgraded to kittkatt. I have not had these major p
Author: riffraff75 Date: 2014-05-07