Change wallpaper - Sprint Force

Last updated: May 15, 2014

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I was having the same problem on my Evo 4G. It would force close or I would get the white HTC screen after using any app
Author: evildraven Date: 2011-08-25
Had the same problem with my HTC Hero.  I don't think I had changed anything (i.e. new widgets), and definitely had
Author: dfri Date: 2010-07-02
Is anyone aware of a bug list being maintained anywhere? I mean publicly.     Here's things bugging me with
Author: Thwip Date: 2011-06-13
From see blue 1,   Yes I'm using the latest update. The manual is helpful. Thanks.   "To readjust your conta
Author: givememyiphone4sback Date: 2013-11-25
fireguy_63 wrote:   mine dropped to 80% before i even got to work. and all i did was scope some emails and check m
Author: ccerose111 Date: 2011-06-14