Check for software updates - HTC EVO Shift™ 4G Pre-owned

Last updated: Mar 31, 2015

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Ive tried calling Sprint three times. I was told to take the phone to sprint and have them check it out and install a pr
Author: toastnbananas Date: 2011-11-02
ok ive read that people are having " issues " with the update my friends have the lg optimus s and i have the evo shift
Author: merdoc87 Date: 2011-09-25
When you update your profile, your phone connect to Sprint's data network and makes a request to the OMADM (Open Mobile
Author: BEANOFTW Date: 2012-06-25
I myself have had no issues with Sprint's customer service or prompt repairs or replacements. Many companies these days
Author: jopabaum69 Date: 2011-07-16
Epic 4G Bug List - Please check your phones for these bugs. If you find them make sure you call Sprint support. If there
Author: hrana98 Date: 2010-09-17