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Last updated: Mar 31, 2015

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Your device is warranty for one year.  You need to make sure your software is up to date also.  Follow these s
Author: OKIESTRO Date: 2011-04-28
Btechie,   Thank you for the inquiry. It would be the same if it updated automatically or manually. Are you sure i
Author: SprintCare Date: 2014-03-05
My household owns two evo 4g lte's. One of them was able to upgrade with no problems. The other one however is not showi
Author: djjosh_chambers Date: 2012-12-18
shep We've checked for known issues, regarding the camera not working properly and were unable to find any issues. D
Author: SprintCare Date: 2014-11-03
In Michigan and update is available...Downloading right now, did a manual software update & it came up.   Chec
Author: binger Date: 2010-08-03