Check the software version - LG Optimus S™

Last updated: Jul 16, 2014

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My wife and I got a pair of the Optimus Gs a few days ago. I'm getting an authentification error trying to log the phone
Author: Addy_711 Date: 2013-02-15
Have you checked those apps to make sure they were compatible with ICS?   It should be kept in mind that everyone
Author: garwynn Date: 2012-08-29
The last official update I found for the Optimus is 2.2 and was released on 3/15/11. You can double check your software
Author: CliffyMcJ Date: 2011-08-19
The SD card in your Optimus S may not be detected by your phone when it is powered on. When attempting to take a photo y
Author: EGP123 Date: 2011-07-18
GJSILVIS:   Thank you for contacting us.  That is a perplexing issue for sure.  Let’s see what we
Author: JTH_BigPopa Date: 2013-10-27