Download and install an app - HTC Hero™ with Google™ Pre-owned

Last updated: Jul 16, 2014

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I purchased 3 heros on opening day.  All are working as advertised.  One has to learn a few battery management
Author: QUAZMANN Date: 2009-10-27
There is a setting in the Android Market application provides notifications, but not auto-updates.  But, notificati
Author: DaWeavINC Date: 2009-11-05
Everyday I become more enamored by my Hero... its a wonderful device!   I've had the pleasure of owning several go
Author: tshaw1 Date: 2009-10-31
I don't know for sure, but I think system memory is reserved for the firmware. Don't worry about that because it can onl
Author: superlinkx Date: 2009-10-14
I did a factory reset this morning and several apps are missing from the market. Has anyone else noticed this?   A
Author: bladejjpr Date: 2010-06-04