Import contacts - HTC One® max

Last updated: May 16, 2014

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How do you start to Import contacts from a CSV file or Phonebook using the Import/Export tab ?   Where is this 'Ta
Author: mpventures Date: 2010-09-07
Big time! I attempted to import all my contacts from Gmail & not only did it not give A LOT of my info but it also d
Author: MasterMrsB13 Date: 2015-01-07
Try deleting a thread with one of the affected contacts.  Then create a new thread.  Also, we're not sure if i
Author: tomdeaver Date: 2011-07-13
Reboot means to turn the phn off then on again. This should not have removed or deleted any of your contacts. If you mea
Author: tomdeaver Date: 2011-01-19
Is it sending it as a "vcard"? If it is try to import it to your gmail/google account and see if it has them all listed.
Author: Levi4u Date: 2010-06-18