Make a call - HTC EVO™ 4G

Last updated: Jul 16, 2014

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My HTV EVO 3D is a great camera.  Not a good phone!  My EVO 4G is a great phone, no problem receiving and maki
Author: atrus_5 Date: 2011-10-07
Interesting. I have 2 Evos and they will not connnect using 3G.  We can make video calls on 4G or WiFi.  Have
Author: cityw5 Date: 2010-07-08
can you search the web and make a call to if not it's just a waste. I will buy the evo in stead.You would have to use tw
Author: PITFAM4 Date: 2011-03-18
I have a EVO 4g LTE and I am trying to make a call and its asking me if I want to make a collect call, pay for minutes w
Author: GregTitan Date: 2012-09-03
EVO Internet Calls - My EVO has an option to make an Internet call or a Cell Phone call. The Internet Call option always
Author: jcapodieci Date: 2012-01-26