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Last updated: Oct 12, 2013

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Well, I'm just about sold on the Arrive!  Thanks for all of your feedback!! I almost bought a 16G 4S last weekend.
Author: GALLEN14 Date: 2011-10-20
Yes, I haven't really had any rude reps.  But, I have been promised things and not gotten them.  I have been
Author: OSHP1161 Date: 2013-01-22
I agree!!! After my "Cramming" experience by Sprint below. I will tell you how to get your complaints to the Federal Go
Author: FranncoisFouche Date: 2014-10-29
I totally agree. I would not have an issue with the $10 fee if Sprint was just truthful about it from the start. Sprint'
Author: FORKIDZ5227 Date: 2010-06-06
I am having the same problems!  I've contacted sprint and was told to clear the cache on my internet because it was
Author: erica0409 Date: 2009-10-25