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Last updated: Jan 22, 2014

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Data is internet usage of some kind. It could be browsing the web, or if you have a One Click phone (Rant, Exclaim, Recl
Author: halcyoncmdr123 Date: 2010-08-22
I dunno whether it was this update, or some change to the vision.sprintpcs.com web page, but suddenly my web browser can
Author: MattInCt Date: 2012-04-09
I think there are only 2 corporate stores left in BR.  The one on Bluebonnet and the one on Corporate.   
Author: bigzeto80 Date: 2010-11-02
Thats because there is no support for Flash on 2.1, you have to wait for 2.2. There is one way for you to see some flash
Author: compcrash Date: 2010-10-11
Just to  let ya know it is not possible to view any kind of videos on this phone from what I have read elsewhere. I
Author: mellofamily Date: 2010-05-23