Pair with Bluetooth - HTC Hero™ with Google™ Pre-owned

Last updated: Jul 16, 2014

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well maybe im doing something wrong or its just my phone because i cant pair up with my cars stereo bluetooth anymore wi
Author: Cts62769 Date: 2009-10-15
Can anyone recommend and give a link to a nice bluetooth setup that will work in my car?  I want to pair/hook up my
Author: cccharliecc Date: 2009-11-21
Getting frustrated with the phone. I paired the Hero with the standard handsfree system in a 2011 Subaru Outback Limited
Author: MEGAN524 Date: 2011-07-12
  tkascak wrote:   Hello, is anyone else having inconsistent results with connecting/reconnecting with their
Author: ha68 Date: 2009-11-05
I just upgraded phones from the Instinct to the Hero.  Now I can't find Sprint Mobile Sync on the web site.  I
Author: VikingGlen Date: 2010-05-10