Perform a factory reset - Motorola Photon™ Q 4G LTE

Last updated: Jul 16, 2014

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The software on your phone needs to be updated periodically to make sure you have all the latest fixes and enhancements
Author: abe2020 Date: 2012-01-24
I Have had my Photon 4G for some time now . I truely love the device except for the fact, for the life me, Im not able t
Author: Jman0210 Date: 2012-09-10
I called Sprint CS to see if they had any more information or help to offer.  They had me update my profile (in bet
Author: comptechtchr Date: 2012-08-02
Hi, can you provide more details as to what the issues was that was causing the "random restarts"? I have only had the
Author: KMAKE Date: 2011-09-16
I have seen alot of people complaining about the Photon, yet I am still to have any issues with mine. No restarts, no us
Author: Sphynx6 Date: 2011-11-01