Power on or off - Nexus S™ 4G from Google

Last updated: May 27, 2014

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My phone just powers off for day and never turns back on?   Message was edited by: Ashtavia
Author: Ashtavia1 Date: 2010-10-25
is anyone having issues regarding the htc one m8 not being able to turn the screen off using the power button since the
Author: Sincere1187 Date: 2014-07-10
For some reason my phone (epic 4G) has been powering off and not coming back on. I have a full battery and it just decid
Author: THARRIS94 Date: 2011-02-05
I've had my Blackberry 8330 for just over a year now and have had a continuous problem with it powering itself off. 
Author: dmenard2530 Date: 2010-05-19
This just started happening to me 2 days ago. Everytime I even slightly touch the lock key on the side of the phone, the
Author: nIIIcoLLLaaa Date: 2012-01-31