Remove an email account - Samsung Galaxy S® 4 (Dual Band)

Last updated: May 13, 2015

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GalaxyS2EpicTouch, We don't have a specific fix for this issue as yet. I have seen different things work for some cust
Author: SprintCare Date: 2014-09-15
After the recent update my Galaxy s4 suddenly deleting emails after I opened them on the phone. I need to have access to
Author: DesMoinesMJ Date: 2014-03-12
Consistently having issues receiving delayed text messages at [Personal Information Removed], Los Angeles, CA 90026.&nbs
Author: LARRUSHKA3 Date: 2015-06-10
I have a Galaxy S4 16GB w/64GB microSD card and I'm running into an unusual situation.  I keep getting a notificati
Author: MarckH123 Date: 2013-12-30
I carried my previous device, a galaxy s three on trip for backup device if current device was lost or stolen. So happen
Author: MatthewLand Date: 2014-12-01