Remove an email account - Samsung Galaxy Note® 3

Last updated: Sep 20, 2014

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I'm using Galaxy Note 2. Hwy 80 @ [Personal Information Removed], Wills Point, tx 75169   Message was edited by:
Author: 97USMC Date: 2014-10-21
I had almost every smartphone Sprint offered. The Note 3 with Sprint has been the absolute worst. I think the games and
Author: PLAYJ18 Date: 2014-01-30
Originally a reply I meant to post on its own. Thanks BTW Eric from Sprint, you're a brave man. I am almost a month wi
Author: shamusinsd Date: 2014-11-20
Thanks BTW Eric from Sprint, you're a brave man.   That said; You are who you allow to represent you and Sprint r
Author: shamusinsd Date: 2014-11-20
no this is a new device on a new account i haven't had access to itfor over 3 weeks now ive tried calling in but tech su
Author: kaerl462 Date: 2014-05-12