Send or receive an email - HTC Hero™ with Google™

Last updated: Jul 16, 2014

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I have had my Hero since its release but have never attempted to email a picture I took from the phone until now. 
Author: nausds Date: 2009-11-09
My issue is this:   My Hero worked great with my Lynksys setup when I first got the phone. I had to do the factory
Author: jturnbow1 Date: 2009-10-26
After selecting the Hero at the Sprint store yesterday and the anticipation of a great phone, I'm not sure if I made a g
Author: jas1224 Date: 2009-10-18
New here. Searched the web looking for a solution to the problem, not a workaround, but have yet to find either. Searche
Author: brennen.exe Date: 2009-11-25
here is what is on AT&T's site about their Iphone data plan... $15 to $30   "Mobilizing everything – web
Author: timteubert1 Date: 2010-06-07