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Last updated: May 15, 2014

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Since my phone updated to the Android 4.1.2 I have consistently received notices of failed send on texts, usually 1 out
Author: jeremie.ingram Date: 2013-03-29
I am getting error codes every time I try to send a text messsage. A message will pop up that says the text is undeliver
Author: Ingram499 Date: 2012-02-21
Hi all, So my  text app does not work. I performed update yesterday around 2pm. Later  that night I had been
Author: alanskiii Date: 2011-06-16
I'm having a similar issue to many others and for some reason I can't reply to any threads so I'm starting another. 
Author: jojolli1 Date: 2012-01-05
All,   I just returned from India (Bangalore) Friday and the EVO worked like a champ there. I was able to send an
Author: JedifoxX Date: 2010-07-21