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Last updated: Mar 11, 2014

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•sends text msg repeatedly (3x) •volume on music player goes low •receive emails 2x •incoming
Author: roset760 Date: 2014-12-19
I had a cingular edge plan and just added the sprint mobile broadband service. In both cases I can only receive email in
Author: paul.brannan Date: 2008-07-09
mrowsley wrote: I have a Blackberry Curve and I have issues sending text messages while I am on the phone yet I can rec
Author: CLIFF757 Date: 2009-02-13
daneldridge73 - When you received the initial emails, did you get an order number? If so, send us a private message by c
Author: SprintCare Date: 2014-10-22
Sorry for the inconvenience. I  would  suggest you to forward them to abuse@sprintpcs.com  Then to block
Author: abe2020 Date: 2012-04-22