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Last updated: Feb 17, 2015

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If your phone is really taking pictures in side your pocket while locked, I would do two different things. Add a screen
Author: smotrs Date: 2012-09-19
I was asking if the phone is locked, using a lock pattern in screen lock (from Menu > settings > location & se
Author: RC1024 Date: 2011-12-14
Try Reset Unlock Pattern one more time using this steps:-Tap Forgot pattern/ Sign in with Google Account set up on this
Author: abe2020 Date: 2011-11-08
I've applied the update to my phone and have noticed a couple of issues, one of which was present BEFORE the update. &nb
Author: c_brookhart Date: 2011-11-11
Here are my problems after installing 2.1 on my moment:   1. After I dial a number and call it, or when someone is
Author: Bilbobibbens Date: 2010-09-29